WMF Milk Fridges

The full and complete range of WMF milk fridges is available here. All models of fridges are stocked and available within 3-5 working days of ordering. Upgrade your current milk fridge to a larger model for less daily re-filling.

The brand new DUEL-MILK solution allows for two different types of milk to go through the machine. All WMF fridges are fully tested to work with all dairy and non-dairy milk types.

The small, medium and large-sized milk fridges ensure milk stays clean and sanitary. Works with all WMF bean to cup coffee machines. You can choose from the standard left-hand-side feed, right feed, under the coffee machine or under-counter.

WMF fridges can be installed onto many different bean to cup coffee machines. Click here to enquire and check if your model of coffee machine is compatible.

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